Give Back

Opportunities to serve within C2UMC.

Grushers– Greet people who come to worship each Sunday, providing a warm, informative welcome. Contact Verna, our head grusher, for information or to volunteer.

Counters– Each Monday morning, two people who do not live in the same household, count the Sunday offering with our office manager Kate. This is important work. Pairs are on the schedule for one week in a month. For more information or to volunteer, contact Kate.

Flowers– The flowers on the altar each week are placed to the glory of God and often in honor or memory of someone special. The cost is $35. Sign up in the narthex (churchy word for lobby) or contact Kate our office manager.

Fellowship time– Light refreshments are served in the narthex (that churchy word for lobby) after worship most weeks. Store-bought cookies are fine. Sign up online here or on the sheet in the narthex. For more information, contact Kathy.

Meals for Members at Home— Sometimes for a short while, or a for an extended period, folks can use a bit of grace in a meal delivered to their home. Sign up on one of the BringIt sheets to help out.

 Mary & Sam Cottrell

We seek to identify and match spiritual gifts with opportunities to serve Christ and our neighbors. We believe we are all members of one body – the body has many parts each with its own specific use and purpose. The fullness of our personal relationship with God and each other depends upon being responsible with these gifts.

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