My Pastoral Visitation for last two months

I want to share my feelings on the pastoral visitations at Christ Crossman. It was a pleasant experience for me to visit the people in the name of the Lord.     

Joyful conversation about the family and the church and sometimes with a good dinner or delicious desserts waited for me in the pastoral visitations. I heard of the people‚Äôs lives, their educations, and their works on and on. The family histories are divers with joy, beauty, dignity, sweet, good memories and bright sides as well as sadness, on-going pains, disappointments, sighs and some liabilities of their lives. 

Many expressed their favor of the ministry of Christ Crossman to the community such as “Falls Church Feeds the World.” They like the church open to the people and community. Community and Love are words I most often heard from the people.    

It was delightful for us to know that we have many current and retired teachers. I and Joungwon admire teachers because they lead and enrich our children for the future of our nation. And especially as Christian teachers, they become good models of followers of Christ. I guess that they are the people who contribute to transform the world from the grass root.  

Even after the loss of their loved ones, some members have a life of a strong faith and integrity in a lot of hobbies and voluntary works. How nice and wonderful lives are they in!  Many grand-moms really take care of their grand-children with the heart of love and care, which helps the family of both couple working. In reverse, even some families take care of their parents well. In my eyes, those who take care of old parents with living together look like beautiful pictures in this church. They are the people filled with gracious love and care for parents. 

Some young members sweat a lot for developing their careers even in the midst of a hot summer. Thanks to be God and bless them! Sometimes I stayed too long that they might be tired but talked with us in their hospitality. What a great people!

Diverse ethnicity is a unique character at Christ Crossman too. For several hundred years, America has been blessed with diverse ethnicity through the immigration. I believe it is true at Christ Crossman. In the midst of a deep division of the nation, we are a good model of peace and love among many differences. Even in different denominational background, some families have a wonderful relationship of wife and husband. How gracious the real peace is in families like these! 

I have been almost in the half of my visitation so far. Thanks to all families in my visitation for their hospitalities and kindness. Still I expect more visitations that I expect that I may experience more wonderful things. Thanks be to God!

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