Lenten Series: Grounded

Join us for our Lenten series as we explore the questions: “Where is God?”

This question is one of the most consequential of our times. Some stubbornly maintain that a distant God sits on his heavenly throne watching all these things, acting as either a divine puppet master or a stern judge of human affairs, ready at a moment’s notice to throw more thunderbolts or toss the whole human race into an eternal lake of fire. But this is a vision of God whose time may be up, for such a divinity looks either increasingly absurd or suspiciously like a monster… As Bonhoeffer said, “Only a suffering God can help.” God is with us in and through all these terrible events.”

March 5: Where is God? Dirt: Dust-Job 23:3

March 12: Where is God? Dirt: Divine Ecosystem-Psalm 37:28-29

March: 19: Where is God? Water: Life-John 3:5, 4:10

March 26: Where is God? Water: The Riparian Zone-Psalm 65:9

April 2: Where is God? Sky: Surrounded by God-John 3:8, Numbers 27:16

April 9: Palm/Passion Sunday: Cry for Justice-Philippians 2:5-11

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